Spanish For Kids

New languages are embraced by children, especially when learning is fun!

Science (STEM) Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics taught with wonder and fun!

Adult/Parenting Education

We offer both innovative and tried and true techniques for interacting with children.

STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math represent the skills that might hold many of the keys to your child’s and America’s future. American students are shown to rank poorly against our global counterparts when it comes to these skills.

Idea Factory wants to help our kids prepare for the technological innovations that they will encounter in their lifetimes.  Idea Factory teaches problem-solving skills through being able to analyze the problems that need solving. It’s important for children to understand that complex issues are made up of smaller, solvable pieces that can be recognized, thought about and experimented upon.

Children are naturally drawn to the products and services made up of the STEM fields, they often just need to be introduced to the skills and techniques in a fun and engaging way.

STEM Education is important because, like learning a foreign language it introduces them to a larger way of encountering the world.

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