Spanish For Kids

New languages are embraced by children, especially when learning is fun!

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Spanish For Kids

Kids are surprisingly willing and able to broaden their horizons with a second language. And why wouldn’t you want your kids to learn to speak Spanish? Learning a new language means you can now speak and engage with another segment of the world!

Studies show that, like learning about technology and science, learning a new language actually grows children’s brains. It has also been shown to have a correlation to higher test scores throughout the child’s school career.

Learning a second language also boosts kids’ abilities and facility with their first language because they are actually learning how the linguistic pieces fit together. Most studies show that childhood is the best time to learn a new language because children are more open to it.

Learning a new language boosts empathy and cross-cultural understanding in people because they are better able to relate to a wider world.

Learning Spanish as a child (or even as an adult) also boosts job opportunities and salaries.

Plus, learning a new language is fun! Use the contact form on this page to contact Nicole about giving your child or classroom the gift of Spanish!

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