Spanish For Kids

New languages are embraced by children, especially when learning is fun!

Science (STEM) Education

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics taught with wonder and fun!

Adult/Parenting Education

We offer both innovative and tried and true techniques for interacting with children.

Adult and Parenting Classes

What’s the most complex and important challenge you’ve ever attempted? We’ve all worked hard to achieve at work or at school. Maybe we’ve even read up on finding the best partner. You might have listened to language lessons or taken a class to acquire a new language. However, successfully parenting is likely the most challenging and rewarding endeavor you will ever achieve.

Idea Factory offers Adult and Parenting Classes designed to master the basics of parenting, stay up-to-date on the newest techniques and studies that might surprise you about the evolving understanding of parenting, learn how to engage with your children to ensure the best outcomes for both of you, discover how to understand your child’s learning personality, help both of you gain confidence in your ability to learn and improve and develop a network of support. And Idea Factory does this all by using an approach that is engaging and fun!

Contact Nicole at Idea Factory and get started with a new approach to parenting that will truly broaden your toolkit for the important and complex challenge of raising children!

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